Hotel Orizzonte – The pleasure of good food

Traditionally, the food served at the Hotel Orizzonte has always given guests great pleasure and satisfaction

As well as a rich buffet breakfast and hors d’oeuvre and vegetable buffets at meals, guests will find carefully prepared “a la carte” dishes and fish every day, served in our exclusive, fully renovated dining area. Surrender to the pleasures of good food! Our Chef and his expert creative team focus on the use of fresh and wholesome products of controlled provenance.

Our confectionery deserves a special mention. The daily offer of a variety of delicious fresh cakes reaches unparalleled heights in our famous dessert buffet. A feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate await guests every Friday evening in the hotel garden.

A special mention deserves the pastry

Every Friday evening in the garden of the Hotel Horizon.

The daily dishes of delicious cakes always fresh and tastes are always different unattainable a sublimation in the famous buffet of sweets.. A feast for the eyes and the pleasure for the palate are served every Friday evening in the garden of the Hotel Orizzonte.